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Caring a natural beauty and healthy skin, skincare treatment is the mission that Anam QT Spa researched and had an effective companion together  Gernetic cosmetics and pharmaceutical brand during the past 15 years.

Gernetic products which was created by the crystallization of deep research and principles of CELL THERAPY (extracted organisms) with fermentation technology of 2 times, permeability, treatment and skincare to stem cells brings natural effect and trust for customers.

We have 4 lines of products for all ages and financial capacity as follows:


  •  Product line for face, hands, chest and body
  •  Product line for face, it can be treated at home
  •  Product line for skin treatment
  •  Series with the effective ingredients from the ocean

With philosophy of “Beauty inside out”, Gernetic experts said that the body skin can only be bright, fresh and smooth in condition of your body is really healthy.

Our experts are always pleased to consult and serve you.


Acne skin







The ideal product for greasy and problematic skins thanks to its cleansing, purifying and gentle drying actions


Sebo Ger

Its remineralizing and purifying qualities will help improve your skin’s oxygenation. Rediscover the natural freshness of your face.


Flower Acid Lotion

"New generation lotion with flower’s acids. It contains AHA (alpha-hydroxy acids), Improves cells renewal by inducing highly effective and enjoyable exfoliant activity, without causing damage to the skin’s cells.

At the correct concentration, alpha-hydroxy acids will:

  - promote cells renewal,

  - soften and lighten the skin,

  - smooth out cutaneous relief,

  - make the epidermis suppler and firmer,

  - have moisturizing activity."


Synchro 2000

Its texture is smoother and less oily than the SYNCHRO cream. Its active ingredients are, however, identical, making an excellent moisturizing cream recommended for all kinds of skin.



To combat blackheads in your skin and to eliminate sub-cutaneous blemishes.



For a cleansing, astringent and regenerating action. Mixed with an equal quantity of SYNCHRO cream, it will have the best purifying and anti-ageing action.


Mixed and Oily

Genuine treatment, very efficient for cutaneous imperfections (blackheads, dilated pores, spots…). Very gentle/ pleasant cream, leaves no trace.


Peaux Jeunes

Especially designed to reestablish the pH of the skin and to regulate seborrhoea, the cream PEAUX JEUNES purifies and tighten the skin’s pores. It calms irritations, reduces outbreaks. A real treatment of cutaneous imperfections (blackheads, dilated pores, spots...) that often worry the teenagers, its nice texture penetrates rapidly.



This mask purifies the epidermis and absorbs excessive sebaceous secretion. It revitalizes and stimulates the epidermis and maintains its natural moisturization. Your skin will be even healthier, fresher and more radiant.